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Referrals Mean Business
Since 1992, our professional business networking groups in Maryland, DC, and Virginia have been "Networking Business... with Pleasure."
The concept is simple. Team Network members value relationships first and foremost. Building meaningful connections are the #1 goal. After these associations are nurtured and developed the networking opportunities begin.
As a "Team" network, we share a common business philosophy ~ To offer uncompromising quality, dependability, and personal service to our clients and customers. Our success is founded on a mission of trust and solid business acumen. This focus creates strong alliances, networking opportunities and rewarding business referrals.



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This real life
networking story
brought to you by
Mike Jordan of
Michael Jordan Video Productions
I first met Curt and The Team Network on location. I was at a Marty filming for a cable show I was producing called Potomac Pride...
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